LPG Gas Conversions


Cologne Motors car service workshop in Moridalloc Braeside offers the best LPG Gas conversions for your vehicle.  Cologne Motors is also a Repco Authorised Car Service centre with a commitment to high quality workmanship, providing the very best in automotive care.


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LPG Gas Conversions Mordialloc Braeside

Cologne Motors offer professional installation of LPG Gas conversions to your car, and provide reliable servicing of vehicles that run LPG systems.

We can convert your car to run on LPG gas with quality Impco parts, provide LPG injection installation and perform troubleshooting, fault finding and repairs on your existing LPG installation.

Switch to LPG today and save money on fuel. LPG is typically at least 50 percent cheaper than other automotive fuels. This means you can achieve significant savings from day one, and recover the cost of a conversion in a relatively short period of time. And because LPG produces around 80% less emmissions than petrol you're helping the environment as well as your budget!


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